Ego Fear


Why Your Ego Loves Fear and What You Can Change

Are you aware that your ego loves fear? In fact, it thrives on fear, stress, and anxiety.
However, holding on to fear prevents you from growing as a person and finding true
happiness. But it’s not your ego’s fault. It’s just trying to protect you!
So what’s a person to do?

Learn more about this surprising revelation:

  1. What is the ego? The ego is part of your being. It reacts to the outside world and
    shapes how you see it. Your ego controls how you view yourself in relation to
    others. However, it’s important to note that you control this.

2. Notice the ego self-talk. The self-talk can be both positive and negative.
You may see the ego come through in statements such as I’m not good
enough or smart enough. On the other hand, you may see it in thoughts such
as I’m perfect, capable, or beautiful.

The ego uses “I” and “me” in these self-talk conversations.

3. Pay attention to fear. Since the ego is connected to the outside world and how
you view yourself, fear is a prominent part. You may be afraid to look foolish.
You may be scared to do something new. You may fear talking to others.

Your ego is fragile, so it can get hurt easily. For example, someone may say
something that hurts your feelings. You immediately shut down and don’t
want to talk to this person again. This is your ego in action. You’re hurt and
scared of hearing them say something negative again.

It’s beneficial to recognize the fear, learn to adjust it, and work through

  1. Understand psychological fear. In some situations, fear is necessary and can
    preserve you. However, the fear that comes from your ego is psychological and
    not necessary.
    Fear of the unknown or being in a dark alley is normal. This is your gut
    trying to save you from a dangerous situation. On the other hand, fear of talking to a safe crowd at a conference is your ego talking. Psychological fear can be damaging, intrusive, and distracting. It can lead to anger and resentment.
  2. Recognize fear and worry. Fear and worry often appear together. Anxiety can
    lead you to fear and vice versa. The two are linked, so it’s hard to separate
    them. However, if you recognize that worry is the real issue, then fear won’t
    have a chance to take over. You can control how much you worry, so fear
    doesn’t have a chance to stop you.
  3. Learn to be present. By learning to be present and observing your fear from a
    distance, you can control it. Awareness is the key to conquering fear created
    by the ego. Once you’re aware of how your ego is creating fear and anxiety,
    then you can observe it and learn to shape it.
  4. You have the power to stop the fear in your mind. It’s important to
    remember that all the negative scenarios in your head don’t have to
    happen in real life. They can stay as imaginary issues. They may never
    materialize or cause you heartache.

Fear doesn’t have to take over your life. You can learn to control it and be happy.

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