Real Talk with Shereitta is a podcast where Shereitta talks real – life topics such as self development, overcoming traumas, dislocations and real – life transformations while pusuing a path to success. Shereitta interviews entreprenuers such as artists, creators plus more new and heavy in the game sharing their stories through life and entrepreneurship. Here you’ll always find ways to help you, no matter where you are. Tips, tools, resources and real life stories that will help you to break free of the chains that are holding you back from moving forward.This Podcast was created to empower, inspire, teach, and motivate you on your journey through life and entrepreneurship.

Self Improvement Podcast

Oh my goodness this is so needed more than ever right now. Thank you for providing such a positive message that will help us to have clarity with our aspiring goals personal and professionally.

– Lisa

A Much Needed Podcast!

Self-improvement is foundational to all of our success!

Keep bringing the great content!

– Ryan

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Inspirational podcast!

Shereitta shares so many great tips in this podcast! Her tips for working from home are a must listen for anyone stuck at home during the pandemic! Keep up the great work work 

– Dixon